Gothic Stationery, Victorian artists turn the world upside down with an unusual collection

Gothic Stationery, Victorian artists turn the world upside down with an unusual collection

August 6, 2021 Comments Off on Gothic Stationery, Victorian artists turn the world upside down with an unusual collection By admin

A collection of Victorian stationery that were once meant to represent Victorian society has been turned into a collection of modern artworks.

GothicStationery was created by a group of Victorian artists who used the artwork of the Victorian era as inspiration.

The artists said they hoped the collection would inspire young people to look beyond the traditional Victorian Victorian aesthetic.

The Victorian era was a time when the Victorian people were very aware of the world around them and that there was much more to them than they were aware of, the group said.

Gothsic Stationeries collection includes Victorian engravings, lithographs, pottery, prints and jewellery.

The group hopes that the collection will encourage young people not to become complacent, to look for a new, more interesting world around themselves, and to make themselves aware of other cultures.

“We are not only looking to create a positive cultural legacy for the Victorian period, but to also engage young people who are still very much in the Victorian age and want to make a positive contribution to society,” one of the artists, Dr Paul McLean, said.

The artworks are part of the group’s collection, called The Victorian Museum, which was curated by the Museum of the City of Melbourne.

It includes works by Victorian artists such as Sarah Waugh, Elizabeth Beecham, William Henry Johnson and John Coles.

Geraldine Hall was among the artists who curated the collection.

“I think it’s great to be able to share some of my artistic heritage with the world,” Ms Hall said.

“This is a really important project, and we’ve all seen that the Victorian Museum has such a rich heritage, and it’s really important to have that opportunity to make this kind of a contribution to the Victorian community and be a part of something really significant.”

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