‘Hindu’ ‘Hindus are the best’ says Dalit activist

‘Hindu’ ‘Hindus are the best’ says Dalit activist

August 3, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Hindu’ ‘Hindus are the best’ says Dalit activist By admin

An activist from the Dalit community of Uttar Pradesh says that the term “Hindu” does not mean Hindu at all and that it is a colonial term that was used in the past.

She said the term Hindu is not in the dictionary anymore.

The term Hindu was used during the British rule in the country and the people were given the word as a way to differentiate themselves from others.

“There is a long history of colonialist use of the term ‘Hiti’ to describe Hindus, and I am glad that there is no more use of this colonial term today.

In our society, there are many Hindus and they are the most revered people,” said Jyoti Kalyan, an activist from UP Dalit National Forum.

The Dalit rights activist, who has been working in the state for the last four years, said that in the last two decades the usage of the word has increased in the society.

She pointed out that in 2013, the government of Uttar, along with the central government, had approved the definition of the state as “Hindutva-Jyoti-Jana”.

“Today, the word ‘Hitti’ has come to mean ‘HITI-jyoti’, which is the same as ‘Hitu’,” she said.

The word ‘hitti’, in its original Hindi usage, meant “Haiti” in the context of the Indian subcontinent.

In the Indian context, the term was used as an insult against Hindus.

Kalynani, who is also the president of the UP Dalits’ Council, said the usage has also spread to other areas of the country.

“The usage of this word has been spreading in different parts of the world and it has also started to be used in other countries like the US,” she said, adding that it was only recently that the word was brought into Hindi in the form of a title.

Kalynans husband was also a Dalit.

She also said that the name “Hittite” was used to denote a tribe from South India.

“We do not have any other name in our society than the name ‘HITTi’.

We call ourselves ‘HUTTIT’, ‘Huttites’ and we are known for our good deeds.

In Hindi, we call ourselves Hindus.

If a Dalita is not Hindu, she should be called ‘Kuttiyya’,” she added.

In a Facebook post, the UP government said that “HITi” had been coined as a word for the community in the Hindi language to reflect the fact that “all Indians” are Hindus.

The post was deleted soon after it was made.

“HITTI is not a term of derision.

It is a term that is in the language to show that we are all Hindus.

It has been brought to India to convey the message that all Indians are equal in the eyes of the law,” it said.

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