NHL: Icy weather may slow the return of the ice hockey world

NHL: Icy weather may slow the return of the ice hockey world

August 19, 2021 Comments Off on NHL: Icy weather may slow the return of the ice hockey world By admin

A cold front is expected to move into Japan this week, but it’s not going to slow the returns of the sport of ice hockey.

The NHL announced Tuesday that the league’s game schedule for the season will not be affected by the weather, though it’s still expected to be affected in the Midwest and Northeast.

The league is expected by the end of March to have about 4,000 regular season games scheduled for the spring.

The game schedule will remain unchanged, with the exception of a handful of games.

The next scheduled regular season game is Jan. 12 against the Florida Panthers.

The regular season is scheduled to end March 31.

The following game will take place on the same day: Jan. 23 against the Winnipeg Jets.

The New Jersey Devils will host the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Minnesota Wild host the Tampa Bay Lightning on Jan. 30.

The Washington Capitals will host Washington Capitals on Feb. 1.

The Columbus Blue Jackets will host their home opener on Feb 2.

The Philadelphia Flyers will host St. Louis Blues on Feb 3.

The Detroit Red Wings will host Florida Panthers on Feb 7.

The Chicago Blackhawks will host Dallas Stars on Feb 8.

The Edmonton Oilers will host Minnesota Wild on Feb 9.

The Calgary Flames will host Anaheim Ducks on Feb 10.

The Ottawa Senators will host New Jersey Jets on Feb 12.

The Arizona Coyotes will host Vancouver Canucks on Feb 13.

The Winnipeg Jets will host Ottawa Senators on Feb 14.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will host Montreal Canadiens on Feb 15.

The Carolina Hurricanes will host Tampa Bay Lighting on Feb 17.

The San Jose Sharks will host Edmonton Oilers on Feb 19.

The Boston Bruins will host Philadelphia Flyers on Feb 21.

The Montreal Canadiens will host Buffalo Sabres on Feb 22.

The Colorado Avalanche will host Arizona Coyotes on Feb 24.

The Nashville Predators will host Detroit Red Stars on February 26.

The Anaheim Ducks will host Calgary Flames on Feb 28.

The Los Angeles Kings will host Boston Bruins on Feb 29.

The Florida Panthers will host Chicago Blackhawks on Feb 30. 

The NHL schedule for March will be released later in the week. 

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