Japanese stationery maker makes ‘cute’ ‘fairytale’ cards

Japanese stationery maker makes ‘cute’ ‘fairytale’ cards

November 1, 2021 Comments Off on Japanese stationery maker makes ‘cute’ ‘fairytale’ cards By admin

Japan-based stationery brand Fairytale has released an adorable card game with the tagline, “I love you so much.”

The company launched a website and a print edition of the game this week, and has since raised $1.2 million from investors.

The game features cute, cute animals from a variety of Disney-themed worlds, like Cinderella Castle and Snow White’s castle, as well as some adorable human figures.

A bonus card includes a character that appears in the game, so players can collect a sticker or card for a favorite Disney character.

Fairytale’s game is a hybrid of card- and puzzle-game types, but it is a game that players can play as many times as they like.

Players will have the option to play as the adorable “princess” Snow White, or as the evil Count Olaf, who has a pet mouse.

You can customize your characters by adding accessories like a necklace and earrings to the cards, which can be used in various ways.

The game features a colorful art style that players will be able to customize with different stickers, and can be played in either English or Japanese.

“We created Fairytale for the purpose of helping players find love, and we are really happy that our customers have embraced this game,” Fairytale founder Masanori Yamamoto told the Wall Street Journal.

“We’re happy to have been able to create a game for them, and I’m sure we will continue to make cute games for people to play.”

The company said the game will be available in March, though it doesn’t say how much it will cost.

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