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Kpop artist’s ‘silly stationery’ sells for $4,000

October 13, 2021 Comments Off on Kpop artist’s ‘silly stationery’ sells for $4,000 By admin

The cute stationery is a big hit with Kpop fans.

A customer picks up the stationery in the store at the K-Pop Shop in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday, June 12, 2020.

The cute stationeries are selling for about $4.50 each.

In a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, June 13, the customer asked the shop owner why they had such a high price tag.

“I was wondering why we’re selling a cute stationer and not a professional stationer,” the customer said.

“It seems like we’re missing out on the cute factor of Kpop and Kpop culture.”

The shop owner responded that the cute stationers were created by their staff and would not sell for much more than $4 each.


How to create a book cover that won’t let you die

October 1, 2021 Comments Off on How to create a book cover that won’t let you die By admin

Posted November 14, 2019 14:23:42 A book cover should never make you cry.

It should be beautiful, colorful, colorful and full of life.

But you will never be able to create such a beautiful cover if you are not familiar with the process of creating it.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create an awesome cover from scratch.

How to create the cover in Photoshop: How to make a cover from nothing, a blank page, a file, a pencil, a brush, a paper and a pen.

The tutorial is a must-see for anyone wanting to create some awesome covers.

It is easy to forget about this process when you are busy with your daily life.

So you may want to look into it while you are at work or reading a book.

But if you do not want to spend hours on a book, you can easily do it on a computer or smartphone.

This tutorial shows you how you can do it yourself.

In this tutorial we will create an excellent book cover.

You can create any kind of cover, from simple to amazing, and you can create it in just a few minutes.

In the process, you will create the most beautiful cover you will ever see.

We have provided all the necessary elements you will need to create this gorgeous cover in the process.

To create the book cover, you need to know how to make something from scratch, a very important step.

You can’t just go to any scrap box, like a book shop or eBay.

You need to spend a lot of time, money and effort to create something beautiful from scratch for the perfect cover.

What you need for this tutorial:How to make the cover:To make the bookcover from scratch is easy.

You simply need to start with the same image you have made for your book.

In Photoshop, select the image you want to create and go to the “Create Image” menu.

Then, select “Image” from the “Image Palette” menu and select “New” from “New Image”.

Once you have selected the image, you simply need click on “Add” to create your new cover.

It will take you to a new window where you can edit the image.

You may want change the size of the image as well.

After you have created your cover, click on the “Close” button to save it.

You will be taken to a page where you need more time.

Click on “Done” to save the image to your computer or print it out.

Now, we need to find a suitable image file.

This process is different from the process we used to create our cover in our previous tutorial.

To create a cover, we are going to create it from scratch using an image that we have already used before.

In our previous article, we created a cover with a picture of a car from the car market.

In order to create that cover, I used a photo of a book from my library.

However, the same principle applies to creating a cover that is awesome from scratch as well: I am going to use a photo that is familiar to me.

Here is how to use Photoshop to create any type of book cover from an image you already have.

You do not need to worry about the file size of your book cover in this tutorial.

You only need to click on a link to a website where you will download the image file for free.

Once you have downloaded the image for free, you should select it from the list.

You may want your cover to be as large as you want it to be.

This is what we did for our book cover tutorial.

If you want the cover to look like it belongs in a book store, then you can select a photo from your library.

Then click on File > New > Image.

In the new window, select your photo and click on OK.

You will be presented with a window where a dialog box will appear.

You are now ready to create more image.

To make your cover larger, click in the upper right corner of the window and select the “Make a bigger” option.

This option will take a while.

You have to wait for the image size to be fixed.

After that, click the “OK” button and you will be brought to a window to save your new image.

When you are done with your book, it is now time to add the cover.

Once the image is added, you may click on Save Image to save this photo to your desktop.

You are now done with the cover!

The process is very simple.

All you need is some Photoshop skills.

If you want, you could also use your computer to create all the images for you.

You don’t need to do anything to make your bookcover look good.

Just go ahead and create some great covers for yourself.

Which flower stationeries are most important to you?

September 30, 2021 Comments Off on Which flower stationeries are most important to you? By admin

When you buy flowers, you’re purchasing a piece of personal art.

You are also purchasing a personal touch, so there is a certain value to each piece of stationery.

For me, the most important thing to note about flower stationers is that they are the most personal stationery that I own.

If you’ve been to the market and seen the different flowers in the display, then you’ve probably noticed that the floral stations are all very personal.

They are carefully crafted and personalized to the flower, each stationer represents a particular aspect of my personality.

There are so many different stationers, and each of them represents something different. 

I have found that most flower stationer brands are very popular with my friends.

It’s a fun way to have a personal connection to a piece.

If a flower station can’t be yours, I can’t help but think of something else.

If I don’t have the right flower for you, I think you might not want it either. 

Here are the 10 most important flower stationering gifts for men and women.

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How to make your bank account cashier happy

September 30, 2021 Comments Off on How to make your bank account cashier happy By admin

What is a cashier?

In a nutshell, cashiers are the people who take orders from customers and then pay them.

These people then receive a receipt from the customer.

They then return the receipt to the customer, who takes it to their bank account and then gets paid.

Here are some tips on how to make cashier cashier happier: Tip 1.

Pay the cashier at the cash register instead of the counter.

This helps avoid any conflicts of interest when the cashiers take orders and pay you.

Tip 2.

Ask to see your account information before you pay.

It’s a great way to avoid getting charged for anything they didn’t ask for.

Tip 3.

Always ask for your account info, especially if you have to pay for something.

Tip 4.

If you can’t pay your bills in person, ask to see a bank representative.

They can help you with paying.

Tip 5.

Use a credit card instead of a check to pay bills.

It is better to pay in cash, and to have your money in the bank instead of in a credit union.

You will avoid paying extra fees.

Tip 6.

If the cash-paying cashier asks you to leave, ask for an hour before you return.

If they ask you to come back for a longer time, you can try to get the cash back.

Tip 7.

If a cash-receipt is missing, ask the cash manager for it.

You can then send the receipt back and ask them to change it.

Tip 8.

Make sure the cash registers are clean and free of stains.

The cashier might ask you if you would like them to clean up after themselves.

Tip 9.

If your cashier’s attire is unprofessional, ask them if you can wear it.

They might consider it.

The best part is, they’ll think you’re cool.

Tip 10.

If cashiers don’t take their orders, ask why.

They usually have other responsibilities that require them to be there.

Tip 11.

If someone asks you for a discount, ask if they can take advantage of it.

This is the time to ask.

Tip 12.

If it’s not your turn, try to give the cash clerk a quick answer.

If he asks you what the discount is, tell him it’s a discount.

If there’s no discount, they might be busy, and they’ll not be able to give you a discount for an extended period of time.

Tip 13.

If their attire is too long, ask that it be shorter.

They often wear too much clothing and they often don’t understand what they’re wearing.

Tip 14.

If people ask you for your phone number or address, make sure they have it.

Some cashiers also have their phone numbers and emails in their phones.

Tip 15.

If customers ask you why they are waiting for you, give a clear answer.

Don’t be too apologetic or embarrassed.

If asked, you should tell them you’re busy, but if they insist, tell them it’s because you need to get something done.

Tip 16.

If one of your cashiers asks you if they should be paid, make it clear they’re not.

They are not doing you a favor.

Tip 17.

Be polite and be polite.

This can be annoying at times.

Tip 18.

Ask for a refund or credit, and never ask for a gift card.

When customers ask for gifts, be polite and not ask them for money.

Tip 19.

Don, don’t ask.

Never ask them, unless it’s for something special, like a gift.

Tip 20.

Pay your cash back immediately.

If things go wrong and you’re late paying, take the time and do it right.

Tip 21.

If all you have is cash, take a picture of it and give it to the cash desk.

It will help them understand you are responsible for paying the bills.

Tip 22.

If an employee asks you where the money is going, just give them your name, address and phone number.

If something goes wrong, don�t tell the cashiest.

Tip 23.

If somebody says they want to get paid, they don’t need to ask where you are.

If that employee is a nice person, you will probably get paid.

Tip 24.

Make it a point to ask questions.

Pay attention to what they say.

It could be a rude remark or a question about the payment process.

Tip 25.

If anything goes wrong during the payment, ask immediately if the money was stolen.

Tip 26.

Pay no attention to the person asking you for the money.

This could be an older person, a new employee, a customer or a customer’s friend.

Tip 27.

Be nice and helpful.

If anyone asks you a question, tell it to someone else.

If not, say no.

Tip 28.

If this person asks you about a credit or debit card, give

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A Letterhead Book

September 24, 2021 Comments Off on A Letterhead Book By admin

“The girl’s mother, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, said the girls’ dad was so concerned about them when they were young that he took them to a doctor when they grew up.

They were diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called HER2, which is normally found in women, but in the girls the disease is more common.”

I can’t believe they got cancer. “

I’m so sad.

I was scared to death.””

They were my only two girls.

I was scared to death.”

The girls’ mother said that after her husband died, he started taking her children to the doctor more often, but they weren’t able to see him anymore.

Michael told the paper he was a single parent who struggled to feed his family.

The girl said she had a very strong feeling about the hospital, which her mother said was her home.

“He said if they keep him in there I won’t be able to be a mother,” the mother told the newspaper.

It’s really a miracle that they survived, that they’re alive and that they got the treatment that they needed.”

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How personalized Japanese stationery will help you save time on the go

September 22, 2021 Comments Off on How personalized Japanese stationery will help you save time on the go By admin

The personalization options on your stationery is becoming increasingly popular, but there are still some issues with how they’re implemented.

This is particularly true for Japanese stationeries, where personalization has always been a challenge to get right.

But new research from Japanese startup J-Stationery shows that you can customize your Japanese stationing for as little as $0.50 each.

The service is available to Japanese users starting today, and offers the option to create custom stamps for each individual item in your office, including office towels, stationery that will be personalized, and more.

J-Site is an app that lets you create and send personalized stamps for office items like cards, greeting cards, or stationery.

It was developed by J-Group, the same startup that developed the popular J-List app.

JSite lets you select any number of items from a catalogue and then save a photo of the item you’d like to include, as well as the name of the person who made it.

Once the stamp is saved, you can send it to your recipient in a single click.

When a stamp is received, it is automatically added to your J-Shop account.

J Site has been available for free on Android and iOS for the past couple of years, and has now been downloaded by more than 15 million people.

J Stationery has two main features that make it stand out from other similar services: It’s the only one to allow you to customize the size of your stamp, and it offers two different stamps for a single item.

Both of these are incredibly powerful features for a service that is designed to help you manage and save time in your home.

The first feature is simple.

Simply select the item from your catalogue and it will automatically create a personalized stamp.

The second feature is a little more advanced.

When you select the stamp, the application will offer to make it a personalized box.

This box is customized to have a specific color and size for the item.

This makes it incredibly simple to use and save the time of having to send the item back to your printer.

In my experience, the second option for the stamp box is a bit more time-consuming.

It’s not just that the size and shape of the stamp are different, but also that the stamp itself takes up a lot of space.

The result is that the time you spend printing the stamp on your office items can be significantly reduced.

The new stamp service is currently available to anyone in Japan.

The app is currently free, but you can use it for $0 in the App Store.

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How to create a personalized station-themed shirt from your favorite TV show

September 19, 2021 Comments Off on How to create a personalized station-themed shirt from your favorite TV show By admin

We all know that the stationery aisle of our living rooms is the most popular section of the home.

And with so many choices available, we know it’s impossible to find the perfect shirt. 

So, how do you create a unique and personalized station merchandising kit that will make your favorite shows stand out in the living room?

This post will help you in making that happen.

If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful, custom-designed stationery station, check out our article about how to create your own.

First, choose a theme for your stationery.

You can create a beautiful stationery kit from the very first season of your favorite show.

Or, use the theme that you love most to help you create the station that will best compliment the show you love the most.

The possibilities are endless, and this post will cover every one of them. 

The most popular theme for the TV shows you love is “Showing Up.”

This theme is also popular among professional designers, who often design their own stationery based on their own taste. 

Next, pick your favorite stationery items.

Your choice of stationery will be an integral part of your station-inspired design.

The best stationery products come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

If you want something more personalized, you can always order a custom stationery set.

You’ll need to purchase the items at your local department store or online.

If buying online, you’ll have the option to order them from multiple retailers. 

After picking your station items, you will need to decide on the best material for the stationer.

You can choose fabric, wax, paper, cardboard, or a combination of the three.

In general, stationery is a good option if you are looking for an inexpensive, high-quality stationer that will be a big part of the decor of your living room.

The most popular fabric is wax, which is a popular choice because it’s lightweight and can be used to create the look of a traditional stationery box. 

When deciding on the color of your shirt, consider the design of the station.

Some stationery designs are inspired by the color palette of the show they are a part of.

Some are a mix of two different colors to make the station stand out from the background.

If it is an original design, you may want to include a tag to say so. 

Lastly, you need to choose the color to match your favorite television show.

If there are no colors to choose from, you’re better off looking for something that will help to match the look and feel of the piece you’re creating.

This stationery design can be made from any type of fabric, and it can also be made with any kind of station.

The stationery should be a little bigger than the shirt you are planning to wear it on.

It should be about 1.5-inches wide and 0.75-inches tall, and be about an inch wide by 1 inch tall.

If the shirt is too big, it may make the piece look too small in the box.

The same goes for the buttons on the shirt, and the color on the fabric.

It’s also a good idea to create some pockets for the shirt so that it can easily be tucked into. 

 The next step is to choose your buttons.

You could choose to use buttons from a company’s website or online store, but you can also purchase buttons from your local store.

After picking the buttons, it’s time to create instructions for each button.

The instructions can be a bit hard to remember, so make sure you take a photo of the instructions.

The more important part of this process is creating the design that your buttons will match. 

You will need some template pages that you can use for your buttons, and then you’ll need a pen to draw a simple outline for each of the buttons.

It can also take a bit of time to draw out all the buttons to ensure that the design is easy to follow.

The next step to the station is to create an image of the button you want your button to match.

You should also include the image in the instructions, so that you know how the design will look on your shirt.

This image should be on a separate page so that when you open your shirt it will match the buttons perfectly. 

If you have more than one shirt, you could choose a pattern or color combination that will compliment each shirt you have. 

Now it’s up to you to add some fabric to the bottom of the shirt.

The easiest way to do this is to use a fabric marker or pencil.

You may want a contrasting color, but it’s a good practice to create something that is not too distracting.

The last step is for the button to come up just below the fabric marker. This is

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Watch: How To Make Your Own Sunset Serenade

September 18, 2021 Comments Off on Watch: How To Make Your Own Sunset Serenade By admin

You’ve probably already got some favorite sunflower stationeries, and now you can create your own.

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to create your very own sunset serenade from the ground up.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can check out this video, which shows how to cut out your favorite sundae from the top and shape it into a sundae.

For some inspiration of your own, check out the following tutorials. 


Make a Sunset Sade from a Box of Candy: This tutorial is great for those who want to add a little bit of whimsy to their sundaes, but it’s not quite as versatile as creating a sundaise from a box of candy.

Instead, use a large cookie cutter to make a box from a piece of candy, then cut out the top half and shape the sides of the box into the shape of a sunday.


Cut Out the Sundae: The tutorial below shows how you can make a sundace out of a block of chocolate, then slice it open and shape into a simple sundae shape.


Make Sundaise Out of a Car: These tutorials show you how to make sundaises out of two-by-fours.


Create a Sunset Sundae Out of Sand: If you want to create a sundaimen out of sand, then this tutorial is perfect.

Simply slice a piece and shape from the bottom up, then add some layers of sand and make a sand sundae out of it. 5.

Make Sunflower Sundaises Out of Chocolate: Chocolate is great to make with this tutorial, as you can add a sprinkling of vanilla bean and coconut to create an easy sundae that will taste like the chocolate itself.


Make Sunset Sundaides Out of Sunflower Seeds: You can add chocolate to the top of a sunflower sundae, but this tutorial shows you how you could create a simple sunflower siren with a sprinkle of chocolate and a little sand in the middle.


Make Your Sundaes from a Chocolate Box: There are many different ways to make your sundaides from chocolate, so this tutorial uses a box for this tutorial.

Just slice a box and shape a piece from the inside out, then peel it back and cut out a triangle from the outside.


Create Sunflower Serenades from Candy Pieces:This tutorial shows how using a box as a funnel for making sundais is great, and it shows you the process of making a sundade out of candies.


Make A Sunflower Sunflower:This simple sundaide is super easy to make, but the tutorial shows that you can also add a bit of flair to your sundae by adding a bit more chocolate.


Make Chocolate Sundae Sundaide Out of Sugar: A sugar sundae sundae is a classic, but here’s a great way to make it even more whimsical by adding sugar.

This tutorial shows just how easy it is to make sugar sundaishes out of chocolate.

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When should I buy stationery in Japan?

September 18, 2021 Comments Off on When should I buy stationery in Japan? By admin

When you are visiting Japan, you should always buy stationeries and accessories that you would not normally buy on your travels.

In this post, we will share our favorite japanesese stationeries that you should buy for your travels in Japan.

If you are interested in the best japaneshese stationerie in Japan, check out our article on the best stationery for travel in Japan or our guide on the top 10 best japansese stationers.

The best japonese stationer for travel article A lot of people consider stationery to be the ultimate travel accessory and that’s why many of them prefer the option of purchasing stationery that are custom designed and crafted specifically for your travel destination.

In the article below, we have compiled the best Japanese stationery, that would be a good choice for you to buy in Japan for your trip.

This article will give you some pointers on choosing the best for your traveling needs, as well as how to find the best and most affordable Japanese stationeries for your needs.

For starters, we would recommend that you do not forget about the Japanese stationer accessories.

There are so many types of japanish stationery products available and most of them will work great for any travel or event.

If we listed all of the best, you would probably get bored and spend some time looking for more than one.

In the article, we are going to list the best Japanese stationeres for you and show you the best brands and prices.

We will also cover some tips and tricks that will help you make the best decision for you as well.

This list of Japanese stationeels will help to make you feel as if you have a good selection of Japanese accessories.

We hope you enjoyed our post on the most popular japanasese stationerees in Japan and have found the best place for you.


A vintage stationer box set with a new vintage style

September 12, 2021 Comments Off on A vintage stationer box set with a new vintage style By admin

A vintage-inspired stationery boxset from Vintage Stationery is on sale for just $34.99 at

It includes 12 stationers, each of which is hand-numbered and designed to look vintage, but with modern details like pocket squares and a modern design.

The box set is available exclusively at Amazon, and is available in both black and white, and with an exclusive color scheme.

The Vintage Stationer Boxset is also available at Amazon for just 10% off.

The collection includes all the classic vintage stationers from the 1950s to the present, as well as a few new ones like the popular Bowery Baby stationer, as a sample of the new and vintage styles.

Vintage Stationers also includes a pair of vintage pens, and a pair on a card holder.

The vintage stationeries also includes some very cool vintage accessories, like a vintage sewing machine and a vintage radio.

Vintage stationery is a popular way to decorate your home, and it’s definitely a great way to spend an evening in a small town, or if you’re just curious about what to get your home decorating enthusiast, Vintage Stationeries is a great place to start.

Read more about vintage stationering:


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