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‘A little bit of everything’ at the B&M: a new store for cheap stationery

September 1, 2021 Comments Off on ‘A little bit of everything’ at the B&M: a new store for cheap stationery By admin

A new stationery shop at B&am stores in New York City is getting its first customers.

The new B&AM store in Brooklyn will open this summer for an open-air opening, with plans to hire at least a few hundred people to work in its first few weeks.

B&am is expanding into a new space on Madison Avenue and a new B &T stationery building on the Upper East Side, where the chain has been building a large footprint in recent years.

Its stores are known for being low-key and casual, and the store in the Brooklyn location is just that, a “little bit of it.”

The store’s menu is limited to the essentials, but the items are pretty well priced, according to co-owner and Brooklyn resident Karen Ahern.

The new store will have a large selection of stationery items, as well as accessories, books and stationery gifts.

“We think that’s a great way to bring people into B&ams,” Ahern said.

“It’s really a fun space to work at.

We’ve worked with a lot of brands, and they’re really great at making everything as affordable as possible.”

The B&Am store opened in New Jersey in December, with an open space on the East River, and will be the chain’s third store in Manhattan.

Ahern hopes the new store can add to the chain of shops in the boroughs that have opened recently.

“It’s nice to be able to expand the footprint of B&amps, and I think that makes it even more attractive,” Ahanen said.

“People can come in, walk through the door and enjoy it.

We really love being here.”

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